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Philosophy Cinq

My father has an unadulterated addiction to magazines.  Sports Illustrated, Martha Stewart’s Living, Town and Country, Rolling Stone…you name it, it’s stacked high.  When I’m home in Memphis, I try to make it worth his while and spend hours reading on the front porch swing.  Whilst swinging, I came across an entire Bon Appetit issue dedicated to recipes with less than 5 ingredients.  I chose a few and soon realised quality and seasonality is even more paramount when working with only 5 ingredients.  I also found myself being more thoughtful about my cooking and how I was treating the ingredients, instead of following step after step or weighing endless integrals. 

Sarah does the recipe planning for Hamerton+Jones and she has a wonderful knowledge of ingredients;  what’s best when, how to maximise flavour and what mixes deliciously. 

Together we share a love of simple, fresh and flavoursome food, which our dynamic daily menu demonstrates. Dada! Most dishes we serve don’t have more than 5 ingredients, but those 5 are carefully chosen and sourced locally where possible, so they haven’t been out of the ground long.  Sarah’s cookbook obsession ensures we include interesting spices and try new on-trend methods.  Her coquettish cooking style guarantees it’s always unique, beautiful and often deliciously unexpected, even to me. My genetic magazine addiction doesn’t hurt either - you can count on me to bring back 5-ingredient recipe inspiration from the states and much much more! 

Speaking of magazines, you can get a peak into Sarah’s creative cookery by checking out The Wealden Times this month where Hamerton+Jones recipes are featured!  

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