Hamerton + Jones is born

Hamerton + Jones is born

As we stand on the brink of opening our first cafe and interiors shop, I have been thinking a great deal about the wishes and wants I harbour for my own home and my personal approach to buying.  I admit to a few sleepless night as we approach launch and I’ve specifically been quagmired by the global decluttering movement, of which I’m a willing and adamant apostle. I’ve been wondering how this might affect our new little business.  If you haven’t come across the Konmari method, despite how it might affect your purchase level at HAMERTON+JONES, do pick up and read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  And yes, you CAN buy it in our shop!


Much to my family’s enduring discomfort, I love clearing out.  I think I was born with my own form of the Konmari method lodged deep in my gut.  I enjoy concocting new and increasingly intricate ways to organise our bonkers family of 5 and I would certainly call my house tidy, if not clean.  Like Kondo advises, I take great care to surround myself with only things that bring me joy or are useful without fault.  Sure a rare few things sneak through, but they are quickly cycled through ‘the process’ and shipped off to the charity shop, along with my sincere hope that they find someone else in which to spark joy.   My family is well aware of this system and I’m sorry to say they live in fear of losing an unplayed with soft toy (dust collectors) or hole-y t-shirt (no matter how comfy) to ‘the process.’  


I make some bad decisions, everything can’t be perfectly joyful forever, but through the years I’ve found myself making less purchases and loving what I buy more. This is basically the premise for our lovely little shop.  We are doing our very best to bring together a wildly random menagerie of items, old and new, that will live long in your home, work hard for you and bring you joy always.  


Come have a coffee, learn how to fold your pants and let’s see if we can spark some joy!

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